For many readers, the prospect of a new read is damaged by poor spelling, grammar, and structure. As such, editing remains a greatly important element of publishing even in the independent world writers are now afforded—but doing it alone can be challenging.

Finding all errors in a piece of writing is difficult when you have a strong relationship to it. It’s for this reason that many independent authors turn to editors: to tighten up their work and ensure readers are won or lost on the story, not the author’s technical ability.

I can help.

My name is Nick Bowman, and I have been working in the publishing industry since 2011. In this time, I have had the pleasure of working with dozens of authors from all areas: fiction and non-fiction; independent and traditionally published. For the vast majority of these clients, I provided editing at various levels of detail, starting from basic line edits, all the way to deeply involved multi-pass literary edits.

My job is to provide the fresh eyes you need, plus a thorough understanding of the mechanics of written language, in order to strengthen your work. But I also know that writers love to bend rules, so my goal is also to understand your personal voice and style, and preserve it, keeping your book yours, and error-free.