Though short, many authors find that blurbs are the element that they have the most trouble with. Summarizing the plot of a book, focusing only on key points, can be a challenge when a book is so long and complex. It can be especially daunting as the blurb is typically the second part of your book, after the cover, that a prospective reader will see.

I will take a blurb you’ve attempted to write yourself, and refine it into something that is punchier and more concise; or, if you don’t have a blurb you’ve already written, I’ll learn about your book’s story and prepare a new blurb from scratch. Then I’ll use your feedback to make further refinements before it is finalized.

If I’m working from a pre-existing blurb, this service costs $22.95. If I’m working to build a new blurb from scratch, this service costs $29.95.

Note that this service is billed in full prior to my starting work.