One of the last stages of publication is preparing the final files to upload to your distributors’ websites. Whether you’re releasing purely in digital, only in print, or both, I can professionally lay out your book to industry standards, and any requirements you might have. See tables below for rates.


I produce two digital formats: epub, the primary file-type used by the majority of ebook vendors; and doc files built for Smashwords, which offers expanded distribution to multiple sales channels with a single upload.

Both of these are formatted to appear reminiscent of printed books, and duplicate industry standards in the traditional arm of publishing. They also take full advantage of the benefits of digital, with a linked table of contents, plus any other hyperlinks needed, such as to your website or mailing list.


I provide a PDF built according to your specifications, for the dimensions you require for your printed book. The layout fully replicates industry standards seen in traditionally published books.


All files are ready to upload with no further work required. If there are any changes needed prior to publication, simply let me know and I will tweak the files as necessary. Please note that your manuscript should be final before taking out formatting.


Please send through any and all specific requirements when sending your manuscript.


All rates are provided in USD.

Formatting type Cost of initial 80,000 words Cost per additional 40,000 words Additional discount*
Digital x1 $29.95 $12.50 $2.00
Digital x2 $34.95 $12.50 $3.00
Print $37.95 $12.50 $3.00
All formats $49.95 $12.50 $4.00

Additional discounts are available on books I have previously edited, and are applied after calculating the total cost based on manuscript length.
‘Digital x1’ refers to a single digital format of your choosing. Please specify when contacting me. ‘Digital x2’ includes both epub and Smashwords formats.
‘Print’ refers specifically to a print-ready PDF, and does not include any digital formats.

See the Payment page for information on how payments are made. Please note that all formatting payments, excluding billing for changes (see below), must be made in full upfront.


If your book includes internal images, please mention this in advance. I may need to bill for additional time to incorporate them. For rate, see below.

If any changes to the manuscript are required after a project is begun or has been completed, please send them through as a list of corrections including original sentences and changes made. I will need to bill for additional time to manually correct these issues. This time is billed at a rate of $3.50 per 15 minutes. Please note that the minimum charge is $7.00.

Please note that the above applies only to changes to the manuscript. Adjustments to the layout to meet your requirements are included in the quoted price for your book.