Nick has a fantastic attention to detail, works quickly, edits to work with your voice instead of simply replacing it with his own, formats quickly and well, and does it all at a remarkable price.

Robert J. Crane, author of the Girl in the BoxOut of the BoxSanctuary, and Southern Watch series


Nick was thorough and a pleasure to work with. He returned my manuscript within the time-frame specified and even threw in a page of comments to enable me to make my story better, which I really appreciated. I would definitely work with him again and I highly recommend him. Excellent, swift, affordable service.

Dayo Benson, author of Pressure


Nick is a consummate professional. He edited and formatted my manuscript in a timely manner and stuck firmly to the dates he set. Whenever there were changes to be made, he was prompt, courteous, and fast! It’s every author’s dream to work with a freelance editor as attentive to detail and quick to please as Nick Bowman. Do yourself a favor and hire him now; you won’t regret it.

Daniel Adorno, author of Gauntlet of Iniquity


Nick was awesome. Couldn’t believe how fast he was and he did a really thorough job. I’m looking forward to working with him again soon.

Chris Ward, author of Stolen


As a typical bull-headed writer, when I finished my novel a few months ago I felt with absolute certainty that I had thoroughly gone over my manuscript and caught every misplaced comma, and nary a typo would be found.

Then Nick reached out to me, and boy, am I glad he did.

In just the first few pages, Nick found a half-dozen or so corrections. Not only was I impressed with his attention for detail, but I was humbled that he took the time to seek me out and offer his help. It was immediately clear to me that he was a true professional with an excellent work ethic.

Of course, I enlisted his services and I couldn’t be happier that I did. He fixed any number of errors (most small, but some embarrassingly large) and his turnaround time (only a few days) was almost hard to believe. Overall, I can’t recommend Nick enough. He did a great job for me, and I have complete confidence that he’ll do just as great a job for anyone else!

Ben Gillman, author of The First Round Table


Nick has a keen eye for detail. While proofreading my novel he caught a host of imperfections that previous editors had missed. His turn-around time is also exceptional.

Scott Abrams, author of Time Sailors of Pizzolungo


I used Nick for a published book that had been proofed by four or five of the picky amateurs I use (librarians or professors, most of them, and one kboards writer pal), and he found several more errors and even pointed out a logical timeline error in something a character said. It also helped me add a few lines to my editing macro, as I see I have some recurring issues that I can fix with the macro to save him from having to repeat it 100 more times to me in the future. He’s good. If you need a new proofreader, he may well be your guy.

Lou Cadle, author of Saber Tooth